Hi, I'm Angi
Welcome to my corner of the internet! My passions include travel, photography, books, music, Japanese language and culture, Italian language and culture, and art.

Here at Abbott Lane you'll find my thoughts on these topics and much more. Thanks for stopping by to visit!


I'm Angi, a photographer and musician based in Chicago. I originally started this blog to document my 40th year as I made my way through my "40 In 40 List" - a collection of things I wanted to accomplish with the aim of keeping intention at the center. Since that time I've continued blogging. There's no particular theme, though you'll often find posts about travel, favorite things (especially books & music), and photography.

I decided to name this blog Abbott Lane, after the street that I grew up on as a kid. It's where my memories began, and I felt it was an appropriate name for a blog that's focused on the ways in which I'm creating this life for myself, and how who I am now (and who I will become) has its roots in that little house in the suburbs of Chicago.

A few facts about me:

Favorite books - The Measurements of Decay, The Broken Earth Trilogy, Dhalgren

Favorite movie - Blade Runner

Favorite places I've traveled - Japan, Indonesia, Italy, New Zealand

Places I can't wait to travel - Back to Japan, 

Languages spoken - English, Italian, and (learning) Japanese