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Week in Review: 8.15.21

Hi friends! How was your week? Mine was quiet and lovely. I did a lot of things I enjoy - read a lot, worked on a personal project that felt really satisfying, and even took Octavia out for a spin (to the library, of course!) I realize that I'm happiest when I have a week like this, where there's a nice balance between working and relaxing and trying new things.

Speaking of new things, here are some interesting tidbits I came across this week...

Here's another reason we all need another to separate ourselves from Amazon as much as we can.

* In a related story, this woman goes on "trash walks" to uncover and expose the excess waste created by Americans.

The Kiffness is at it again, with another cat jam!

* These macro photos of nuts and seeds are lovely and showcase the incredible diversity and beauty of our natural world.

Hope you have a fantastic week!