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Week in Review 8.22.21


The past few weeks have been SUPER exhausting (I'd really love to go wherever this picture was, plants, a nice view...anyone else???). I don't know if it's the hot weather, the fact that I've been spreading myself in a zillion directions, or something else but I can barely make it in the door after work before I zonk out on the couch. 

I'm hoping that I'll return to a more energetic state soon, but despite my low energy levels it's been a good week. I got a lot done including launching a new business, spending a bit of time with my parents at an outdoor wine bar (can't complain about that!), and overall leaning into what has been a relatively low-key time. 

Here are some things I came across this week:

Whelp. This absolutely terrifies the shit out of me. I realize that the numbers can be misleading to a degree, but it still shows an enormous failure of us as humans - thus far - to tame this thing.

It's true! A good walk does wonders!

I love these Japanese transportation videos, and find them completely soothing, and fascinating. I don't know what it is, but they really scratch an itch that I never knew I had and now I'm in a Japanese transport rabbit hole.

I have been bingeing episodes of True Crime Obsessed, which I discovered only a couple of weeks ago (I know, late to the party). At first listen, it can be...a lot. But I've grown to love Gillian's no nonsense, NYC attitude, and Patrick's laugh is absolutely contagious!

And that's all folks! Have a stellar week!