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Week in Review 8.1.21

This week was full of emotional ups and downs. Wonderful news in my personal life was contrasted with news about the rise in COVID cases around the country and the terrifying news of how incredibly dangerous and contagious the Delta virus is. I found myself bursting into tears suddenly more than once this week. Things are just...a lot right now. There was a lot of emotion that needed to be processed and released. I'm hoping that this week will be a little less intense! 

Here are some interesting things I've stumbled across recently...

+ Are you learning a language? Have you heard of comprehensible input? This interesting video explains the process and how to put it to work in your own language studies.

+ I never thought about this until I came across this article - the gendered nature of customer service. Remember, be kind!

+ This is adorable! I need to get fashion tips from these two.

+ As I run out of items, I'm slowly trying to replace them with more sustainable ones. In my search for sustainable shower gel (which is more difficult to find than I EVER suspected), I came across The Good Fill. They ship refills for their products in plastic pouches along with a return label. When you return the pouch, they sanitize them, and reuse them for other customers! Very cool!

And that's all for me! Hope you are safe and healthy. Have a great week!