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Best Books: July

I'm still having a bit of a mental block with reading these days, but I did manage to get around to reading five books. And honestly, it was an underwhelming selection. There was a standout though, and that book was...

Claire is a story that I was already a bit familiar with due to being a huge fan of author Liz Sower's podcast Ghosts in the 'Burbs. This was an expansion of one the ghost stories she tells on the podcast, and it's written in the same hilariously snarky and creepy way that made me fall in the love with the podcast (seriously, if you like ghost stories alongside observant take downs of wealthy suburban culture, Ghosts in the 'Burbs is for you!). It was delightful!

Other books read: The Things We Lost in the Fire - Enriquez; Goodbye Things - Sasaki; Remote Control - Okorafor; The Seep - Porter