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Loving: Laid-Back Camp

This week has been frighteningly hot and humid. It's the kind of weather that makes me long for the cooler, crisper days of my favorite season, Fall. So it totally makes sense that my television viewing would veer towards a show that embraces the loveliness that colder weather offers. Enter, La…

The Minimalism Diaries: Letting Go

Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting in my living room listening to a breezy mix of Brazilian Samba while drinking a beer, and I thought to myself...This is great. This is all I need.I've been feeling this a lot lately - deep moments of joy in the simplest of activities. Cooking with friends, lau…

Best Books: June

Hi friends! Long time, no chat. I've been busy enjoying the summer, and haven't been here as often. I hope you're also enjoying your summer!It's finally happened...I've gotten behind on my Goodreads challenge. I knew that it would probably happen at some point because my desire …