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Week in Review: 3.7.21

Heeeeey! How are we friends? Hanging in there? I had a decent week and feel like I have the slightly longer days and better weather to thank. This past week went by in a flash, capped off with a fun virtual murder mystery party and dinner with my family to celebrate my upcoming birthday. 

I couldn't help but take note of the fact that the last large social gathering I went to was my birthday celebration last March. I invited a group of friends to a local brewery to celebrate, and it was fantastic. It's funny because at that time I was feeling pretty lazy about putting together a party, but in retrospect I'm so glad I did. Who knew that I wouldn't see most of those folks in person for at least a year? 

It just drove home how thankful I am for my friends and my family. You never know what can arise that makes it hard to see them, or even see them at all. It's cliche but - let your loved ones know that you love them every chance you get!

+ Remember the Perseverance Mars rover that NASA landed a few weeks back? Well they named the landing site the Octavia E. Butler Landing Site. What a beautiful tribute!

+ Ahhh, stories about being reunited with pets are so lovely!

+ Looking for more great SF to read? Check out the Locus Awards lists for great suggestions.

+ I've recently started playing The Sims again (I know...), and have been watching video tutorials to learn more about my favorite thing to do in the game, building! I'm especially in love with the builds that Marmelad does, like this cafe which - if it existed in real life - I would TOTALLY hang out at!

Hope you guys have a great week!