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Week in Review 3.21.21

Hi friends! How was your week? I spent the first half at home with two days off from work for a mini staycation, then three days at work where a lot of new information came to light in regards to our offices reopening and new procedures. I'm glad to have a lot of the concerns and questions that have plagued me over the past few months finally answered. It gives me some peace of mind as we look to the months ahead.

The weekend was really wonderful - fantastic weather, drinking wine with my friend who is literally the only friend I see right now, and a streak of fascinating documentaries. It's funny how simple things have become during the pandemic. No elaborate plans, but enjoying life just the same.

Here are some interesting things I came across this week:

+ I went on an impromptu Mormon documentary and podcast kick - I watched Murder Among the Mormons and listened to Mommy Doomsday. Both are highly recommended and as crazy as their titles would suggest.

+ I also watched Made You Look, a documentary about an 80 million dollar art scam involving Knoedler Gallery and their director Ann Freedman. I'm still not sure who I believe is telling the truth, but it made me thank my lucky stars that my art history degree didn't lead me into the high stakes private art world.

+ This past week's attack on the Asian community is nothing new. Here's a reading list to learn more.

+ Ann Patchett wrote about getting rid of her possessions in order to prepare for death.

Have a great week!