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Week in Review: 3-28-21


I've been feeling restless for the past few days, with no good reason that I can pinpoint. Things feel unresolved right now. I guess it could be that we're in a bit of a liminal state right now - vaccines are rolling out, but there are still so many who don't have access, the seasons are changing, and on a personal level I have number of lingering items that need to be checked off my to do list. All of that is contributing to my feelings of "we're not quite there yet." 

It's times like these that I turn to meditation to re-center myself. I've definitely gotten off track a bit from my regular practice, for various reason. But this week I'm going to make a concerted effort to sit every day.

+Hope you have a wonderful week friends! Here are some interesting things I came across this week... 

+This is a beautiful story - two Holocaust survivors who were best friends as children were reunited.

+I really like this soothing, mellow video from Simple Victoria about The Silent To Do List, a concept from Fumio Sasaki's popular book, Goodbye Things. 

+Want to learn more about Italian language and culture? Italian Experiences has your back!

+The Louvre has put its entire collection online...for FREE!

That's all folks! Hope this week treats you well!