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Laura Horn’s Abstract Adventuring: Thoughts

Last week I worked my way through artist Laura Horn’s mini art class called Abstract Adventuring. I love taking mini classes from various artists because each person has a different way of working that informs your own process. As someone new to painting, this is really helpful! It’s also great to learn about the different materials that are available and how to use them. Plus, hooray for supporting artists!

Laura’s class was relaxing (she’s filmed painting in her backyard), informative and fun. If I have any criticism it’s that I wish there had been more, because it was so lovely! 

I’m fairly happy with the result. It’s darker than many of my previous paintings, which is interesting. And though I think I overworked it a bit, I still feel like the skills I picked up will help me out with other paintings in the future. There are a few other classes on her site I’ve been eyeballing, so I imagine it won’t be too long before I purchase another!