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Art-ing with Friends

This week I took Monday and Tuesday off from work for a little self-reset. The stretch from March until the end of May is always a little tough for me. It feels like an unending slog, with no holidays and mostly - in these parts - questionable weather.

So a few days to myself were due. To be honest I didn't do much those two days. I mostly played the Sims, watched weird documentaries and gazed out the window in horror as we got MORE snow (luckily it ended up not accumulating too much and melted the next day, which is good because...I can't anymore).

I also had a little virtual art party with a friend - if you can call something with only two people a party. We both pulled out our paints and chatted while we worked, then shared what we had done at the end. The images at the top of this post were my results. It was super relaxing and fun and lovely.

I'd love to do more of these types of "gatherings" because they're so easy to put together and it's a sweet, creative way to connect with friends near and far!