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Week in Review 2.14.21

Hey friends! How was your week? Mine was decent. While we're still getting pummeled with snow and deep freeze temps, there's been more sun as of late and the days are getting longer - both reasons to celebrate! Hopefully it won't be too terribly long before we can welcome Spring.

I've been keeping myself busy with all sorts of tiny projects and fun activities. One very new thing my attempt at abstract painting, which has been exciting and fascinating and frustrating in equal measure. Painting abstracts is something I always wanted to try, so I signed up for for a Mixed Media workshop I found online. The workshop isn't for a couple of weeks, but as my supplies rolled in I decided to try them out, since I've never used them before. Acrylics? What? Oil pastels? Huh? Anyway, who knew - it's been a blast!

I was video chatting with a friend and fellow violinist earlier today, and we were talking about how thankful we are to have art practices to turn to right now. Art is so nourishing and centering, and we're both really fortunate to have something to turn to during tougher times. 

This is a long weekend for me (Monday the offices are closed for President's Day), and you'll probably find me doing things I love - reading, painting and making music. Here's to creating more and giving ourselves permission to try new things!

Anyway, here are a few things I came across this week and want to share with you...

+ I recently started playing The Sims again after many many years, and I was amused by this article discussing how the game makers translate real pop songs into Simlish. Every time I turn on the radio in the game, I giggle!

+ Hooray! The 2021 Tournament of Books has officially begun!

+ Brooklyn Brainery has a bunch of cool classes you can take online. There are so many that I'm interested in that it's almost difficult to choose.

+ Missing travel? You can do some serious armchair traveling with this game. Warning though, it's super addictive!

+ These aerial photos of housing developments in Florida are FASCINATING!

Have a wonderful week!