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Week in Review 2.7.21


Hi friends! How was your week? Mine was...challenging. But having a lazy weekend totally made up for it. I've done nothing more than watch TV, read books and painted a tiny bit. We've hit the winter doldrums here - that part of the year when either the snow and/or the cold makes the days feel bitter and long. Usually these deep dives only last a day or two, but it looks like the entire coming week will be more of the same. Anyway, while I shiver, here are a few interesting things I came across this week...

+ Could a watermelon burger be the perfect vegan burger? Ehh...I don't know about this. I'm kinda with the first commenter, who worries about texture and bun sogginess.

+ I never thought about this in any concrete way, but it's true - most tech (and other company) adverts use similarly illustrated characters. Ever wondered why? Well, here's your answer!

+ Why are there tears of laughter in my eyes? Because L. Ron Hubbard sang (or tried to sing) on a Scientology album! You didn't know there was a Scientology album? Neither did I. But I can just imagine Tom Cruise speeding down a highway in a convertible, top down, head boppin' to this banger!

+ Granted, I'm a sucker for just about anything that shows people dancing, but this film about street dance in South Africa looks fantastic!

Have a great week!