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Week in Review: 1.24.21

What a week, huh? 

I'll admit it was stressful, with the inauguration and not knowing how things would turn out. But what a relief to look back and see that it went smoothly. So to let go of some of that stress, this weekend I treated myself to good wine, good movies, time with friends, and an at home spa day. It was perfect and a much much needed antidote to all of the craziness the world has been spewing out lately.

I don't feel like I have much to write. So much of the past week was spent in my head that it's impossible for me to capture it in words. I'm still processing and trying to curate my own thoughts.

So I'll just leave you with some interesting things I've come across recently...

Continuing my fascination with mushrooms, here's a lesson for the day - never ever ever ever inject 'shrooms into your bloodstream!

The Poetry Foundation has collected an impressive collection of writings about racial justice.

Loving the work of Deborah Roberts!

Anna's design sense has impressed me for years, and her current project is turning out wonderfully!

Shayna Klee is one of my favorite new people in YouTube land, and her vlogs of her life as an art student in Paris not only remind me of my days living in Florence, Italy but they also inspire me to live a more creative, beautiful life.

Have a great week!