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Week in Review: 1.17.21

Photo by Edgar Hernandez from Pexels

Hi friends! How are we all doing? It's been a rough couple of weeks for many of us, I can imagine. In order to keep my mind off things I've spent the past week and a half or so taking a deep dive into audio books and have been having a blast! My most recent read was Ruth Ware's In a Dark, Dark Wood and I have to say that even though the book didn't quite deliver, Imogene Church's voice acting elevated it to something special. She's honestly the best voice actor I've come across in audio book land, and it was such a joy to hear her bring life to Ware's novel. 

Here are a few other interesting things I've come across this past week...

I had no idea that after going deaf Beethoven used a form of bone conduction to help him compose!

These photos of flocks of starlings are both beautiful and terrifying.

Two documentaries rocked my world this week - Tickled (on Hulu) and Icarus (on Netflix). Both are completely BONKERS, and best approached without reading anything about them before watching!

Remember that cigar shaped object in space that passed by Earth in 2017? It was declared to be an asteroid, but at least one scientist believes that it was aliens trying to initiate contact with us.

The Colosseum is gonna get its retractable floor back!

Have a great week!