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Week in Review: 12.20.20


I've noticed a restlessness inside of me lately. My mind is noisy during meditation, I'm not sleeping well, and I find myself confused about what to do with my time. It's a confusing state of existence for me. Usually I can sit quietly, ask myself what I need, and figure out how to ease my discomfort. But this time around, I'm at a loss.

My guess is that this is due to a number of things. The holidays and the season dovetail with a nationwide COVID surge, an uncertainty about the future, and the usual concerns that living as a human being in this world brings along with it. It's exhausting.

So today I rested. I remained in bed most of the day, reading, basking in the sun pouring through my windows and listening to music. It was much needed. I don't know if I feel any less anxious, but the power in embracing rest was certainly welcome.

Here are some interesting things I came across this past week...

This week was my original Bae's 250th birthday, that's right, Beethoven! Here are some great playlists to dive into the beauty of his compositions, or if you're wondering why he's so important in the first place, the NYT offers this article.

I started watching the TV show Servant and I am SHOOK. Don't read anything before going into this definitely works best on the element of surprise.

I also fell in love with the show Friends from College this week, and have binged the entire show. I'm SUPER disappointed that it wasn't renewed for a third season, because it's one of the funniest, most bittersweet shows I've seen about the strangeness of being in or very close to your 40s - a time when you're not old per se, but you're starting to see doors close on a lot of opportunities and life experiences.

Ever wonder how the Japanese stay fit without going to gyms and "working out"? For more like this, check out Kaki's blog, where she writes about the Japanese approaches to wellness.

Have a great week everyone!