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Week in Review: 11.16.20

I think we can all agree - this week has been nuts. I know that nothing in life is guaranteed but change, but I feel like we've been in pandemic free fall forever and that nothing has changed for most of the year. Add to that all of the election madness, and the fact that next week I go in for a surgical procedure that I'm quite nervous about, and all I can say is...I'm tired y'all. And feeling really disconnected and disjointed.

This unrelenting stress we've all been experiencing - the constant feeling that there's no stability to be found ANYWHERE - has led me to experience my life as an almost dream-like fiction. It doesn’t feel real. Meditation lately has felt a bit like wrestling with a hurricane, my mind a mess of swirling thoughts. I've been having trouble dropping into my body and letting the thoughts that appear go. This isn't to judge; I just view it as data, but it's certainly interesting data, and like nothing I've ever experienced before. 

Anyway, I know that things WILL get better. The murky business of getting there is unknowable and frightening, but this too shall pass. 

Here were some interesting things I cam across this week...

I watched Brandon Cronenberg's film Possessor and it totally blew my mind! One of the best films I've seen this year.

This project - The Black Music History Library - is really interesting!

Could the crazy events of this past year be explained by the fact that we live in a computer simulation?

I've been getting Book Riot's Deals of the Day sent to my email box for a few years and I can't recommend it enough!

The Siskel Theater's annual Black Harvest Film Festival is online through November 30.

And in more streaming news, The Metropolitan Opera is doing nightly streams of full-length operas! Currently streaming is a personal fave - Philip Glasses’ Akhenaten.