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Best Books: October 2020

This should actually be called "Best Book" since I actually only have one that I enjoyed this month. As I mentioned in my November TBR, October wasn't such a hot month of reading for me. I was easily distracted by ALL THE THINGS, and was only able to get through three out of the six books I'd intended to read. One of them was bad, one of them was just okay, and the last was my favorite. That book was...

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier
I can't believe it me until now to read this classic, even after several people were encouraging me to get on it because it was the type of thing they imagined I'd like. And they were absolutely right.

It's a slow burner, Gothic horror/love story, that still manages to be shocking in many ways. The (creepily) unnamed protagonist falls in love with a wealthy man, who is still obsessed with his first wife Rebecca, who had died in a boating accident. Of course there's an old drafty house in England, of course the servants are strange and mysterious, and of course it's left up to the reader whether or not her experiences are objectively truthful, or a sign of her slow spiral into madness. I enjoyed it and it was the perfect thing to read for Spooky Season.

And that's all! One measly book impressed me enough to make it in as an October favorite. I'm hoping for a better outcome in November.

Also read this month: The Deep - Solomon; The Sun Down Motel - St. James