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Best Books: August


August wasn't quite as brilliant as July in terms of my reading, but I still cleared out five books. However, I took a few diversions from my August TBR. I bailed on We Ride Upon Sticks. After a few chapters, and seeing how much further I had to go while feeling totally lukewarm about it, I realized that it just wasn't the book for me and decided to bail. 

Truth be told, most of my reading in August was lackluster, and it shows in how little of it I did. I just didn't feel a massive urge to pick up any of my books, except for one which is - naturally - the (sole) best book of the month. And that book is...

Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead - Olga Tokarczuk
Thank goodness for this book! Without it, August would have been kind of a bust. DYPOtBotD is about a middle-aged woman named Janina living in the remote Polish countryside. A bit of an introvert, she has few neighbors or friends, and spends her time taking care of summer visitors' homes when they head back to the city during the region's harsh winters. One day when a neighbor is found dead in his cabin, Janina is inextricably tied up with the search to figure out whodunnit.

To say much more would give away the delight of reading this book and being carried along on its unique journey. I absolutely loved this one and highly recommend it!

Other books read: Weather - Offill; Last Days - Nevill; The Marrow Thieves - Dimaline; La Prossima Vittima - Ogninbene.