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Best Books: May

Hi all! How's your quarantine been? Are you still on lockdown, or are you back out in the world? And how has your reading been?

I had a decent May as far as reading goes, though I still have trouble with concentration here and there. I managed to get through six books, including a few that have been sitting on my TBR for aaaaages! I'm still - somehow - four books behind on my Goodreads Challenge, but I'm pretty confident that I'll be able to catch up at some point before the year is over.

Anyway, here were my favorite reads for the month!

Nothing to See Here - Kevin Wilson
This was a charming, witty and oddly heartwarming book! I listened to it as an audio book through (side note: if you'd like to give less of your dollars to Amazon, check out as an alternative to Audible; the pricing is comparable, but they give a portion of book sales to the indie book store of your choice!), and I absolutely loved the reader! She gave voice and life to each of the characters in a way that was really wonderful. Nothing to See Here is about a young woman who is hired to be the nanny for two children who...spontaneously combust. Like, they literally catch on fire when they get upset. You can imagine all of the funny scenarios this leads to. But what I was surprised by was how heartwarming the book is. It'll hit you right in the feels! A nice, lighthearted read that's perfect for these difficult times.

The Book of Delights - Ross Gay
If you've never read Ross Gay, pick up one of his books NOW. He has a beautiful way of writing about how life's ups and downs give it meaning and beauty. Even the hard times provide light. I'd had this book sitting on my TBR for far too long from a book signing of his that I attended, and this seemed like the perfect time to dig in. Ross embarked on a project to write something short every day and this book, being a collection of some of these writings, is organized in short essays each on a different topic but all coming back to the notion of delight. What's nice about it is that you can dip in and out, which was the perfect match for my currently anxious brain. Plus, his writing is filled with the kind of warmth and joy we all need right now. He's able to distill simple things like carrying a tomato seedling on a plane, gardening, a pink scarf, the joy of listening to Donny Hathaway into a beautiful collection of work that's made to savor and enjoy, while giving the reader much to think about.

A Memory Called Empire - Arkady Martine
This was probably my favorite read this month and WOW. It's a space opera about identity, imperialism, cultural hegemony, legacy, and so SO much more and having read it, I'm not at all surprised that it was nominated for both a Hugo AND the Nebula. The story centers around a woman named Mahit Dzmare, who is sent as ambassador to a city-planet called Teixcalaan after the mysterious death of her predecessor. Her assignment quickly places her at the center of Teixcalaan's political ambitions, and those who plan to thwart them. I was riveted for the entire book! The world building is fantastic, and Mahit is a clever, intriguing and relatable character. I'm excited to see how the second book continues the narrative. Highly HIGHLY recommended!

And that's all for me! What did you read this month?

Other books read: The Red Notebook - Laurain; A Song for Quiet - Khaw; Queenie - Carty-Williams.