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Quarantine Day 72: Mixed Feelings

I head back to work starting Monday, and I have such mixed feelings about it. These past few months, for the most part, have actually been a nice break. Despite the anxiety and sadness I've felt on an almost daily basis, this has been the longest stretch of time in my adult life where I've actually had to time process and sit with things instead of constantly moving and doing. I realize this is a privilege - I'm healthy, have no kids, didn't lose my job (or income) and was really able to take this past few months (it blows my mind to realize how long this has gone on!) to relax.

On the other hand, I realize that my introvert nature can sometimes lead to a certain level of self-isolation. Though I miss seeing my friends and family, I'm perfectly happy for the time being to just stay in my sphere. This can't be a good thing for long-term mental health. So it will be good for me to be out of my home, doing things. At the same time, I worry about my health and safety. And I worry that the so-called precautions that are being taken just aren't enough to truly protect anyone.

So, mixed feelings it is. It's going to be interesting to see what happens as more and more states begin the slow process of re-opening. Stay safe friends.