Hi, I'm Angi
Welcome to my corner of the internet! My passions include travel, photography, books, music, Japanese language and culture, Italian language and culture, and art.

Here at Abbott Lane you'll find my thoughts on these topics and much more. Thanks for stopping by to visit!

Another Blog

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

Because I can't resist a well-designed theme and I absolutely LOVE taking on projects which I forget all about and later abandon (ha!), I started another blog.

Truthfully, I always felt that this blog had a certain "vibe" and that certain thoughts and photos of mine were a bit out of place here. This may be a real or imagined problem. But I realized that I have loads of images stored up on my computer that never seemed to find a place here, that never seemed to fit. Not to mention the meandering (and maybe...weird?) thoughts I sometimes have. I feel a bit like I have two sides, so I wanted a place to put that "other" side of me that felt like home, a place that felt more right, if that makes any sense. For those of you who have followed my various blogs over the years, the name of my new blog will ring familiar: Tabula Rasa Journal

So if you're looking for more photography and contemplative stuff, please do check it out! And don't worry, Abbott Lane will continue to exist in its current form.