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Quarantine Day 72: Mixed Feelings

I head back to work starting Monday, and I have such mixed feelings about it. These past few months, for the most part, have actually been a nice break. Despite the anxiety and sadness I've felt on an almost daily basis, this has been the longest stretch of time in my adult life where I've …

Another Blog

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

Because I can't resist a well-designed theme and I absolutely LOVE taking on projects which I forget all about and later abandon (ha!), I started another blog.
Truthfully, I always felt that this blog had a certain "vibe" and that certain thoughts and p…

Best Books: April

Hi all! Hope you're weathering our continued quarantine in good health and high spirits. In some ways, quarantine has been good for my mind and spirit. In other ways, it's been really really tough (but nowhere near as tough as it has been for others). But that's another post for anothe…