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Quarantine Day 31: Scenes from Home

A few iphone-shot scenes from home. I was feeling lazy - though I have all the time in the world - and so didn't edit them, but they represent well enough how home has been for the past few weeks...plants, light, and shadows.

I've been minding my time by studying Japanese (probably more than I've probably ever had the chance to study before), trying my hand at art journaling (it's a process and I'm not good at drawing, but there's something calming and meditative about it, which is exactly what I need right now), reading (everything and nothing all at once), and seeking out uplifting foreign films on streaming (Little Forest - a Korean film about a young woman who moves from Seoul back to her small town - was charming!).

Things I haven't been doing, or doing very much: playing violin (not sure why), ruminating on what the future might be (gives me anxiety), and trying new recipes (sticking with old favorites seems the best I can muster right now).

The days seem to stretch on into...something like a life. My introvert nature is quite happy being home, so I'm concerned about how I'll feel returning to "normal" life, though we all know there'll be nothing "normal" about it.

In the meantime, just trying to soak in as much rest, comfort, and quiet as I can. How have you been doing?