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Quarantine Day 4: Tonight a DJ Saved My Life

Today has been ehhhh...kiiiinda rough. It's the first day I finally starting to feel a bit closed in, and because the weather has been so gloomy, there's not even sun filtering in through my windows.

But everything turned around when I tuned in to DNICE's live Instagram feed, something he's currently calling Club Quarantine. The other day, this man DJ'd for 10 HOURS. He's literally bringing joy into peoples' lives. If you need an excuse to dance around your home like an idiot (hopefully you don't!), then this is the perfect one. It's absolutely, 110% what we need right now.

Or at least, judging by the number of people tuning in - what a lot of us need. His feed has reached well into 140k viewers, with a load of celebrities and well-knowns checking in as well. This is THE dance party to tune into if you're feeling a bit gloomy.

You can him here. From there, just head to his livestream!