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2019 in Books

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This has taken me forever to put together, but finally it's here! My reflections on the year of reading that was 2019. I reached my reading goal of 60 books just in time! It was an interesting year, mostly because…

Preserving the Legacy of Black Composers

This past weekend I had the honor of performing a few pieces at a local church service in celebration of Black History Month. It was a lovely day, and I was happy to be part of the event. Afterwards, people kept coming up to me and saying things like, "I'd never heard of any of these comp…

Best Books: January

January felt both fast and slow. The first part of the month seemed to fly by, while the latter half seemed to creep. I didn't have an overwhelming desire to read, strangely enough, though both (yes, only two!) books I read this month were books I enjoyed. Hoping I can get my reading mojo back…

Sunday Six

Photo by Jay Mantri on Unsplash
1. Great times with old friends you've known since childhood. There's nothing better.

2. String quartet rehearsal. Lots of Mozart this time around, along with a bit of Dvorak.

3. I'm ready for a downtempo week. Time to get re-centered. It's exhausting…