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Loving: Running Man

While watching my first episode of Running Man a couple of weeks ago, I realized I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time. It's quickly become a new favorite; one of those things I turn to almost every day for a dose of good, clean, and hilarious fun.

It's hard to capture exactly what the show is all about, but it's often described as an "urban challenge variety show." Imagine The Amazing Race with a cast that has remained the same over several years and with better challenges. Each week, the cast is faced with a new set of tasks - usually three - some relying on luck while others require physical dexterity or smarts. The third section is often an elaborate of tag, in which the cast members run from each other in an attempt to not have their name tag ripped from the back of their clothing (which has been attached with velcro).

The stability of the cast is part of what makes the show so fantastic, because it allows for some pretty great drama that includes old beefs, a load of memories, and ongoing jokes. You'll also quickly discover your favorite contestant (team Kwang Soo here!), who you can root for from episode to episode. It's often anyone's guess who will win that week's selection of challenges. Frequent special guests also keep things fresh week to week.

It's a bit difficult to find English subtitled episodes in full online, but luckily My Running Man has them all. YouTube, which has a few full episodes, is also a great place to start to get a taste of the show. At first it might seem baffling. We don't really have anything equivalent in the US, so understanding how the rules and format of the show works can be tricky at first. But once you get the gist of things, it's a hilarious watch, so stick with it!