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Best Books: November

I only read two books in November, because I was traveling for a good chunk of it. Neither of them were exceptional in my mind, but I enjoyed them just fine (can you intuit the lack of enthusiasm in that statement?). So I'm just going to throw both down below, with my thoughts.

The Institute - Stephen King
I mean, it's King. If it's what you're looking for, you certainly won't be disappointed. The Institute is about a boy who is suddenly whisked away from his home and placed in an Institute for "gifted" kids. This one reads a bit like a cross between Stranger Things and Firestarter. If you're already a fan of King's writing or are simply looking for a cracking story that entertains, you'll probably enjoy this one. But I can't say it was anything extraordinary.

I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter - Erika Sanchez
This was a book club pick, and while I was glad to read the book, it wasn't something that blew my mind. It's a look at the life of Julia, a Mexican teen growing up in Chicago. I also liked this one, but had some issues with the story line at points. Mostly, the book seemed to only skim the surface of the story, leaving me wanting for a richer tale. But it is YA, and so perhaps this is appropriate for the reading level. Again, decent, but not great.

And that's all for November! Now that we're into December, I'm staring down the last days of my reading challenge for the year. I'm six books short of my goal, so I'm going to be reading fiend for the rest of the month! 

How are your 2019 reading goals going?