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Loving: Running Man

While watching my first episode of Running Man a couple of weeks ago, I realized I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time. It's quickly become a new favorite; one of those things I turn to almost every day for a dose of good, clean, and hilarious fun.

It's hard to capture exactly what…

Sunday Six

1. Last night was my annual Lord of the Rings-o-Thon. Another great year of holiday celebration!

2. Back from Italy physically, not mentally.

3. Cozy weekend with lots of candles, friends & old episodes of X-Files.

4. Got my Hobonichi for 2020 and have started planning.

5. Wee Tree is up and t…

Best Books: November

I only read two books in November, because I was traveling for a good chunk of it. Neither of them were exceptional in my mind, but I enjoyed them just fine (can you intuit the lack of enthusiasm in that statement?). So I'm just going to throw both down below, with my thoughts.

The Institute - …