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The Good List

I was inspired to do this practice recently by Rachel Cargyle, who I follow on Instagram (if you're interested in anti-racism work, she's a great person to follow!). Creating a small list of things you're grateful for during the day doesn't seem like such a big deal, but it's a lovely way to cut to the center of life and remember what it's all really about.

They're also simple, it's just a few lines about the things you're appreciating in the moment - and in a sense they feel more like impressions or poetry. It makes them dead simple to put together. No need for a long treatise (unless you want to write one). Just simple appreciation.

Writing a daily Good List has also helped me along during this trip, which in all honest has sometimes been a frustrating one, to see the bright side of things. Though I'm still suffering from a nasty post-asthma attack cold, reading through my Good Lists from the past few days makes my spirit feel a bit lighter. Despite the frustrating moments, there are still so many things to smile about and be thankful for.

Here are a few of my Good Lists from the past few days....

Marino Marini.
light. space. air. stillness.
Blue skies.

Michelangelo's David.
Beauty and those who preserve it.
Soft tissue.
Warm, sunny days.
Spectacular views from a hotel terrace.

A courtyard scented with flowers.
The perfect hotel.
A rare, cold Coca Cola.
Artists who work by hand.
Smoke from chimneys.