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The Good List

I was inspired to do this practice recently by Rachel Cargyle, who I follow on Instagram (if you're interested in anti-racism work, she's a great person to follow!). Creating a small list of things you're grateful for during the day doesn't seem like such a big deal, but it's a…

The Future that Never Happened

My (very) superficial understanding of Hauntology - a term I just came across the other night - is that our present is haunted by numerous futures that never came to fruition; it's a yearning for the avenues that were never taken. These "ghosts" of a never realized future can haunt o…

A Quick and Dirty Italy Bucket List

I sat down and made a quick list of things I'd like to see and do while I'm in Italy. Planning this trip has been interesting. Because it's not entirely for pleasure, I have a list of things I *need* to get done while there. But this list is pure pleasure, my friends!
Eat at BracTake ea…

A Return: Thoughts on Florence

In a little less than a week's time I'll be back in Florence, Italy a place I called home at one time, but that I haven't visited in 13 years (!!!). Even though I haven't set foot in Italy in such a long time, I feel like going back to Florence will feel similar to riding a bike - …

Best Books: October

October's book total was lower than average - 3 books - but it felt like that's what I needed. I spent most of the month unpacking boxes and setting up in my new apartment (which I adore - more on that later), and so reading took a backseat to other life things. The good news is that my co…

Sunday Six

1. Leaving for Italy in just over a week and feeling wholly (and uncharacteristically) unprepared.

2. Trip to Ikea yesterday. Now have a dining room table and a proper reading corner. that will get a lot of use this winter.

3. Japanese breakfast will start making an appearance this week.

4. Brunch…