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Best Books: September

September was kind of a bummer. I read zero books! ZERO! Due to all of the preparations for moving, which required that I basically find a place to live, hire movers, and coordinate all of the goings ons with various entities, I was a stressed out, exhausted mess. Picking up a book would, on the surface, seem like the perfect escape, but I honestly couldn't keep my mind on anything I tried to read.

The month wasn't completely barren of bookish things, however. I'm happy to say that I'm now part of a bookclub! It had been ages since I'd been in a bookclub, and frankly I missed it. So I started one with a small group of friends. We had our first meeting a couple of weeks ago to discuss logistics, rules, etc. This coming weekend we'll be meeting about our first book...

So far this one's been an enjoyable read, but I'm not totally blown away. It's actually the perfect book for me to get back into the swing of reading regularly - easy to digest with an interesting enough story to keep me propelled forward. I'm looking forward to the chat we'll have about this one.