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Sunday Six

1. Chillier weather has hit. Officially feels like Fall.

2. Lentil soup recipe. Wasn't my favorite and I should've done it the way I usually do. You win some, you lose some.

3. Wine bar twice this week. Such a warm and welcoming place.

4. Poltergeist II. Hadn't seen it in years, and cu…

Best Books: September

September was kind of a bummer. I read zero books! ZERO! Due to all of the preparations for moving, which required that I basically find a place to live, hire movers, and coordinate all of the goings ons with various entities, I was a stressed out, exhausted mess. Picking up a book would, on the s…

Sunday Six

1. First weekend in the new place after moving. Loving it so far, but it's also a weird feeling to live someplace different after over 10 years in the same neighborhood.

2. Devouring the new season of Terrace House.

3. Banana bread!

4. Early morning, chilly walks to get groceries.

5. Friends o…