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Loving: Hyori's Bed + Breakfast

What happens when a retired Korean Pop star and her down to earth husband agree to open their island home to travelers and film a reality TV show? Only the most soothing thing you'll ever watch!

Hyori's Bed + Breakfast has become a balm to me in this stressful period I'm going through. The show's slow, relaxed pace and beautiful scenery is exactly what I need to calm my ever-spinning brain right now, and it's just so damn...charming!

It's a bit difficult to describe the show, since there's really no equivalent in American television. Hyori and her husband live on Korea's Jeju island with their five dogs and three cats, and their life and relationship is #goals. Each week, new guests come to stay with the couple, who are aided by another super-famous Korean Pop star named IU.

Since the home - which only has one bedroom - is where Hyori and her husband actually live, it's decidedly not ideal for a B&B. And because the producers choose the guests, they never know who is coming to stay. Sometimes it's five young women in their twenties. Other times it's an elderly couple, or a trio of siblings. It's interesting to see how the couple still manages to make their home warm and welcoming for all who pass through its doors.

And if you love tea drinking, napping, zoning out, snuggling with the puppers, cooking, and chatting around bonfires with guests, you have a lot to look forward to. Each episode is 1.5 hours, which allows you to truly sink into the show's gentle atmosphere.

It's sweet and lovely, and I'd even say it's inspiring. It reminds me that life is best lived when we move slower, create stillness, and share it all with friends, old and new.