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Home, Pt. 1

Late last week, I finally lost it. The floodgates opened and I sat on the edge of my bed sobbing. It had been weeks of searching for a new apartment during one of Chicago's busiest moving times of the year. Most of my days were spent finding listings online which were gone by the time I had em…

Sunday Six

1. Looking for apartments has been hellish. But I may finally have found my match, and I'm very excited!

2. New season of Terrace House is available! I'm waiting until after the move to start, so I can properly binge.

3. Day of boardgaming and pizza with friends in the suburbs.

4. Spent a …

Sunday Six

1. The apartment hunt, which I thought was over, has begun again. Frustrating, but I'm trying to keep a positive attitude.

2. A friend of mine stumbled across Embrazen wines while out shopping and bought me the Josephine Baker Red Blend as a gift. What a cool concept!

3. I think this might be

Loving: Hyori's Bed + Breakfast

What happens when a retired Korean Pop star and her down to earth husband agree to open their island home to travelers and film a reality TV show? Only the most soothing thing you'll ever watch!

Hyori's Bed + Breakfast has become a balm to me in this stressful period I'm going through.…

Best Books: August

This month I had one goal only: to surpass my total for July. And I'm happy to say, I just barely squeaked it out, despite the fact that towards the end of the month my reading flow kind of ground to a halt with all that's happening. I also had some really fun reads this month, which is pr…

Sunday Six

1. Celebrated my mom's new book release with family and friends. Lovely!

2. Saw an apartment that is totally me, and fell in love!

3. The prospect of moving is both terrifying and liberating. I'm purging like a madwoman and getting rid of items that should've been gone a long time ago …