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Best Books: July

July was average average average! I topped out at four books, which isn't terrible (I consider a book a week to be pretty good these days). My brain is kinda all over the place these days, and I still found it hard to concentrate when reading. Maybe because it's summer? I dunno. What I DO know is I ended up bailing on THREE books! I think that may be a record!

Most of what I managed to finish this month registered as solidly good, but not mind-blowingly good, if that makes any sense. So if you're looking for some reading recommendations, I can honestly say that the rest of the books I read this month - which you'll find at the bottom of this post - are all solid picks and worth at least taking a look at. But one stood out from the others...

Thick - Tressie McMillan Cottom
Warning: this collection of essays hits HARD. But it's so powerful and so thoughtfully assembled that I think everyone should read it. Cottom talks about what it's like to be a Black woman in America, with an honestly and sharpness that's hard to find nowadays. She pulls no punches. In this collection you'll find essays about beauty, politics, medicine and more, all intertwined with her personal experiences. Highly highly recommended to all readers, particularly self-identified feminists who want to broaden their understanding of intersectionality.

Other reads: Chasing Utopia - Giovanni; Mouthful of Bird - Schweblin; The Radium Girls - Moore.