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Sewing a Travel Wardrobe

I love sewing, but since my (wonderful!) class ended, I haven't really done any. As a newb, I easily get overwhelmed by fabrics, patterns, and levels of difficulty. My eventual goal is to basically sew my entire wardrobe, as I can be ensured that it's more ethical and sustainable. But in the meantime, I'd settle for sewing my travel wardrobe.

Later this year I'm headed back to Italy. I'm excited to return to a place I once called home, and in my hot and heavy travel dreams I'm wearing clothing made almost entirely by me! Here are a few items in my dream collection, that I hope to tackle:

The York Pinafore - Helen's Closet
This super popular pattern is popular for a reason. I've literally not seen one person look bad in it! By all accounts it's comfortable, flattering, easy to sew, and I absolutely love that it's layerable and on chillier days I can put on tights/leggings and a warm, long-sleeve base layer underneath. I also love that everyone says it's a quick and simple sew, so I can throw a lot of them together quickly in different fabrics. It's actually the perfect travel dress!

The Rome Collection - Closet Case Patterns
The name of this collection is almost too on the nose, so how could I ignore it!?! When Closet Case announced this collection on Instagram, I fell head over heels for every. single. garment. And that's rare for me. But they feature the clean, simple silhouettes that I'm very very fond of, and making them in different fabrics will lend a different look to each. I also like that the skirt and pants have elastic. Comfortable! Plus the variability of these patterns is incredible! The skirt pattern can be made shorter, and with a clever alternative wrap opening; the pants can be made into shorts or into shorter summer-friendly skimmers; the dress can also be made with short's fantastic! While the pants may need to wait until my skills are more...ahem...refined (the idea of figuring out a crotch scares the beejeezus out of me!), the other patterns in the collection seem simple enough that I can tackle them. And if I sew up a few different options, I feel like 80% of my wardrobe will be taken care of!

Ruffle Sleeve Top - Peppermint Magazine
Dude. Free Pattern. And a lovely looking one at that! This is one of those patterns that just screams simple sophistication to me. You slip this thing on, and you immediately look more put together. I can see it fitting perfectly with the skirt in the Rome Collection by Closet Case. And the fact that it's free makes it even more tempting. This is a no-brainer!

Starting this week, I'm going to start ordering the patterns and selecting fabrics. I'm still in search of a nice, simple jacket pattern appropriate for Fall weather, and I'm on the hunt (if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment). Hopefully by November I'll have a nice collection of clothing to make my travel dreams come true!