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Sunday Six

1. Finding a whole lotta time to blog these days. Hellooooo staycation!

2. Spent the weekend up at my mom's. Lovely to just relax and hang out wth my parents.

3. Seeing Midsommar tomorrow.

4. Work on my personal project is coming along. I'm so excited! It's not due to launch until Octo…

Sewing a Travel Wardrobe

I love sewing, but since my (wonderful!) class ended, I haven't really done any. As a newb, I easily get overwhelmed by fabrics, patterns, and levels of difficulty. My eventual goal is to basically sew my entire wardrobe, as I can be ensured that it's more ethical and sustainable. But in t…

Best Books: June

June June June. I have to admit - it was a weak month. While my total number of reads was fine (five books), nothing I read *truly* fired me up, except for one book, which is this month's only and only favorite.

So here it is, my (one) favorite read for June...

Asghar's incredible collecti…