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Vegan AF?: Reflections on 6 Months of Veganism

I'll be real - I’m proooooobably not vegan as fuck. I’m not even sure what that means, but I've been seeing it around the interwebz a lot lately. Is there some Scale of Veganism with a range that begins at Drops Live Animals Into One’s Bloody Gaping Maw Wholesale With Impunity, and ends at…

Sunday Six

1. Loving the fact that I'm really connecting with everything I've been reading recently. It's the best feeling.

2. Screening of Blade Runner (which in case you didn't know is the best movie ever!), and it gave me life. More life. See what I did there?

3. Sometimes I want so badly …

Sunday Six

1. Gorgeous day - took Octavia out for a quick spin.

2. Heard adrienne marie brown talk. She signed my copy of Emergent Strategy!

3. Quiet work week. Hoping this coming week is just as mellow.

4. No sewing this week, which was a bummer. But I got to spend time with a good friend, so class was well…

Best Books: April

Hey hey! April was a decent reading month, with seven reads. I continued - oddly - to feel a bit of a book slump. Not sure what to attribute that too. For this reason, the large majority of my reads this month came across as *good* but not "hold onto your butts" GREAT. It made choosing m…