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Sunday Six

  1. Took a page from Japanese culture this weekend and did osouji - an end of year deep clean of the home in preparation for the new year. This was the first year I did it, and I think it'll be a new tradition - it feels nice to move into 2019 with a clean slate.
  2. Cooked loads of plant-based food this weekend - vegan nachos, tofu scramble, pea soup, falafel patties, black beans, chickpea "tuna." My belly is full and best of all my heart feels lighter knowing that I am eating and living in alignment with my values. It was time, and I was ready. Was thrilled to see I still know my way around a block of tofu (that's what 20 years of vegetarianism will do for you!), even with a few years of going back to eating meat. More on my (ongoing) shift to a vegan lifestyle later (maybe?), but suffice it to say that it's been a couple of weeks and I feel better than I have in ages.
  3. Squeezed in one last book before the end of the year. Fifty books total. Thirty short of my goal, and fifty short of my stretch goal, but not bad in the least.
  4. Thrilled to see that my plants are doing all sorts of growing. Every blog I've read says they go dormant in winter - even indoors - but not my little ones!
  5. Thinking some about the year ahead, but determined not to *overthink* it. I want to feel well, and do good. That's about all. There's a lot of room to grow.
  6. Making my way through episodes of Scott & Bailey. Oddly addictive.