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Loving: Terrace House

Terrace House is the best show you're (probably) not watching. The show is basically a Japanese version of The Real World, and has been gaining a steady following in the US recently since it became available on Netflix. It puts six strangers in a home together - three men and three women - and then follows their lives. Members can move out of the house when they feel the experience no longer serves them, and so the show keeps you interested as the cast is constantly changing. Netflix currently offers three seasons of the show - one based in Karuizawa (a town about two hours by train from Tokyo), another in Hawaii, and another in Tokyo.

I'll readily admit - I'm completely addicted to the show. There's drama, but nothing like you'd find on The Real World, and the overall feel of the show is calming and sweet. I've often described it as "Too pure for this world..." And as someone who's learning Japanese and is eager to take in as much language and culture as I can, the show offers a great glimpse into modern Japanese customs and a natural use of language.

Even if you're not interested specifically in Japanese customs, culture, or language, this is a series worth checking out. Just don't blame me when you find yourself hitting the button for just one more episode!