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Sunday Six

1. Thanksgiving was wonderful and everything I could hope for. Incredibly thankful for my family, who are amazing people, not to mention hilarious!

2. Rest of the weekend was lazy and lovely.

3. Star Wars with live orchestra accompaniment. I always knew that those parts are tough to play, but seei…

Loving: Terrace House

Terrace House is the best show you're (probably) not watching. The show is basically a Japanese version of The Real World, and has been gaining a steady following in the US recently since it became available on Netflix. It puts six strangers in a home together - three men and three women - and…

Sunday Six

1. Returned to work after my long staycation. Going back after a fairly long break and actually feeling refreshed was wonderful!

2. Went to the opera Friday - five hour performance. FIVE. HOURS. But it was captivating! It always amazes me that it never feels overly long!

3. Japanese BBQ, City Pop …

Why Staycation is the Actual Best

Hey all! I just finished up a 12 day staycation was magical. If you've been around this site for any amount of time, you know how much I adore traveling. But I have to say, there's absolutely nothing like a long, indulgent staycation to get you refreshed and replenished. What'…

Best Books: October

October was, predictably for me this year, slow. Every year seems the same - after Labor Day, time absolutely whizzes by! These past few months have been no different. Before I could blink, September and October had gone by, and I was deep into November. The holidays will, no doubt, hasten this fe…

What I Learned From Playing The Minimalism Game

For the month of October I decided to play The Minimalism Game. It's a "game" where on Day 1, you get rid of one item, day 2 - two items, day 3 - three items, and so on for the entire month. By the end, participants will have gotten rid of almost 500 items! What I expected was to get…