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Sunday Six

1. The Music Salon earlier today was fantastic! So many folks playing and enjoying the music. I'm really proud of this tiny event I've built and am so thankful for the folks who support it.

2. Back to Kanji studies. Finally found an app that connects allows me to study via WaniKani offline…

Sunday Six

1. Need to remember to write down small details throughout the week for this segment.

2. Rehearsal with my quartet. Laughed until I cried. Played a fiery tango. They are family.

3. Wedding on Saturday of a family friend. It was beautiful and heartfelt and relaxed.

4. Bike riding and a picnic with …

Hot Combs & Space Ships

To be 100% honest with you dear readers, I haven't picked up a camera in MONTHS. I think the last time was when I was in Bali earlier this year (Feb/Mar). It's been even longer since I made something that wasn't travel or portrait related. Something just for myself; something that spea…

Sunday Six

1. Day at the museum looking at art followed by sun in a garden. Only one third of an amazing weekend.

2. Seeing my quartet family this week after a too long time apart. I'm happy about this.

3. Note to self: need to be mindful of my boundaries, stick to them, and exert only as much energy as …

Best Books: July

Oh my gaaaaaaahd! As has been the case for the past few months, July was also pathetically slim in terms of reading. I only got through two books, one of which was an audiobook. I'm about 15 books behind my set goal of 80 reads this year, and...well...I don't even want to talk about how ma…

Sunday Six

1. WakandaCon was amazing and beautiful and even better than I expected.

2. Working hard to restore myself after a few weeks of being out of balance.

3. Beethoven is life, forever and always.

4. How is it Sunday night again already?

5. Started Children of Blood and Bone and it is so good!

6. Nothi…