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Best Books: April

April was a solid reading month. Overall I read eight books - all print, no audiobooks, which is a bit unusual for me. I usually have at least on in rotation. However, I decided to spend the month catching up on the loads of podcasts I had waiting for me, so I put audiobooks on the backburner.  I also had a month of (overall) really good reads. There was hardly a total dud among them, which definitely made picking my favorites a little tougher! But these were the ones that came out ahead...

I was reluctant to finish this series - I kept putting it off again and again - but I finally did. Wow. It's an incredible trilogy, and one of the best things I've ever read. It's writing like this that reminds me of why I read - the wonderful stories that are out there, and the stories that remain to be told. I can't recommend this one enough. The hype around it is absolutely deserved.

This gorgeous collection of short stories were a lovely reminder of how *human* science fiction can be. Chiang muses over themes like faith, time, God, choice and other big questions in a beautifully intimate way. If you enjoyed the film Arrival, you'll find the short story on which its based in this book. Highly recommended.

I already raved about this book in separate post, but if you're interested in how science fiction and activism intersect, and how we can use the works of Octavia Butler as a blueprint for how to create the future we want to see, this is the book for you.

I loved the first volume of this graphic novel about a planet on which non-conforming women (known in the book as "NCs") are forced to fight to the death. It's over the top, a bit crazy, and yet still manages to be 100% on point with its feminist take on systemic patriarchy. I'm excited to continue on to volume 2 of the series!

What were your favorite reads last month? Any suggestions on books I should add to my reading list? Tell me in the comments!