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6 on 5.31.18

1. I thought it'd be nice to get back into these again. Keeps me writing.

2. Spent this last weekend doing a GYST day, and I think I might have found a new Thing I Love to the point where I'm almost looking forward to doing it again this weekend. It was wonderful to feel productive again, …


A couple of weeks ago, I had to put my cat Smuch to sleep. He'd been by my side for almost 17 years, helping me - just with his sweet presence - through good times and bad. I'm happy that we got to spend such an incredible number of years together, but it's still been a difficult trans…

Best Books: April

April was a solid reading month. Overall I read eight books - all print, no audiobooks, which is a bit unusual for me. I usually have at least on in rotation. However, I decided to spend the month catching up on the loads of podcasts I had waiting for me, so I put audiobooks on the backburner.  I …