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Octavia Details

For the past few weeks I've been pulling together the things I want to get for Octavia! It's been fun, but also a little overwhelming, since there's so much to choose from! But here's what I've got so far.

1. I decided to go with a helmet by Thousand. I like that they're a small company, I like their mission and ethos, it's owned by a woman of color, and on top of all that they make adorable helmets! I just received mine yesterday, and it's GORGEOUS!

2. The Lights and Motion Commuter set was recommended to me by the owner of the shop that's building my bike. They come with both a front and rear light, and are chargeable by USB.

3. Po Campo is local bike bag company (also owned by a woman), so I decided to go with this handlebar bag. What's nice is that it's small, and it converts into a purse, so if I'm out and about and only want to take a few necessary items - keys, phone, a bit of cash - it's the perfect companion.

4. The Crane Bell E-Ne. This was a tough decision, as these suckers aren't cheap. But I decided to go with this a Crane bell because they're loud, clear, and very well-made. I'd rather spend $30 for one bell, then spend that or more to constantly replace a broken, cheap bell.

And now onto panniers! This is where I'm stumped. I haven't bought anything because to be honest, I have no idea what type of rider I'll be and what makes the most sense for my use. So I'm holding off on buying them until I've had Octavia for awhile, and can better assess what works best for me. But I've narrowed it down to these three...

5. The Basil Milk Bottle Basket seems like a practical choice for groceries and other things! I love that there's a handle to take the basket into the store with you, and they're some of the most attractive baskets I've found. They also get great reviews and they just seem like a very smart choice. Pros: very convenient design, sturdy, large capacity, (obviously) waterproof, affordable. Cons: would have to tuck another bag inside so that things don't fall through the holes.

6. The Swift Industries Mini Roll Top Panniers are adorable, well made, and customizable. They are also expensive as hell! These would be great if I decide to do longer distance riding or bike camping (!), but otherwise *might* be overkill for my needs. Pros: they get good ratings, apparently hold a lot (a friend has a pair, so I'm going to check hers out sometime), are sturdy, and are convertible into a backpack for convenience. Cons: They aren't *totally* waterproof (though they are water resistant), and MY GOD THE PRICE.

7. Basil does it again with these adorable waterproof panniers. These would be good for everyday tooling around town. I like that those dots are reflective for safety, but I can't seem to find any reviews online so I have no idea how well made they are. Pros: affordable, stylish, waterproof, can wipe them down easily if they get dirty, and they flatten easily against the bike when not in use. Cons: Don't know how well made they are. No easy way to carry them while shopping, etc. once I take them off the bike.