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Welcome to my corner of the internet! My passions include travel, photography, books, music, Japanese language and culture, Italian language and culture, and art.

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T by iamamiwhoami

I've probably raved about iamamiwhoami before, but if you're looking for surreal, icy, dark Swedish electro pop (say that 20 times fast), then you really need to seek them out. They create entire audiovisual albums that are just stunning, from beginning to end and that really merge art and …

Changes...Good Ones!

Hi friends! So, I’ve decided to separate my biz blog and personal blog. Initially, Abbott Lane was meant to serve as both, because I really wanted past and potential clients to see me as a whole person, and not just a photographer.

But I’ve decided to change things up. Why? Well, to be honest, I mis…

6 on 3.20.18

1) I'm baaaaack!!!

2) Indonesia was amazing in ways that I can't quite quantify. But I'll share stories and photos sometime in the future.

3) Less than 24 hours after I landed, Smuch had another stroke. On my birthday, no less. I'm thankful he was fine while I was gone, but geez...…