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6 on 2.18.18

1) So tired. I feel like I could just pass out!

2) Slept in a bit, then got up to clean for the Salon.

3) Some say that you shouldn't your goals with others, because doing so triggers the pathways in your brain that make you believe you've already accomplished them. Others say you should, because it keeps you motivated to do them. Which is it?

4) The Salon today was small, but fun. My student did a couple of pieces, and then my group played a few trios. Good times!

5) Had plans with a friend, but we were both feeling beat so we rescheduled. I was worried about keeping my eyes open, so this is ultimately a good thing. Early to bed tonight.

6) The weather is unseasonably warm today. It feels weird after getting slammed with all that snow last weekend.