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6 on 2.2.18

1) Smuch's prognosis isn't great, but it's much better than what I thought it would be. Essentially, it seems like he may be having tiny strokes, and the sudden onset of loss of motor control - and subsequent regaining - is the result. I'm not interested in traumatizing him and running him through extensive and intense tests (he's 17, and at this stage of life deserves ease and calm), so at this point it's just keeping him comfortable, loving him, and making sure he's still doing all the things cats should do.

2) After the vet, dinner at a neighborhood restaurant. Dad describing the film "Anaconda" was so funny that my brother and I couldn't stop laughing.

3) Feeling gratitude for friends and family and having a sense in my gut - at least temporarily - of relief. I am thankful for answers and kind and knowledgeable people.

4) Bought some Palo Santo for the first time. Sniffing through the package it smells like mint and cedar and dill and desert.

5) Feeling like I could sleep for days, but not actually being able to do it.

6) This photo reminds me of warm summer days at sidewalk cafes.