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Images from Italy (...or Why You Should Label Your Film Canisters)

Not too long ago I sent off some film to my usual developers (The FIND Lab! Love 'em!) and was surprised to find that, when I got them back, there was a roll from Italy from - likely - a decade ago when I lived there (...I also lived there around '96/'97, but I shudder to think that these images are from that far back!!)

Don't get me wrong, this was a lovely surprise - it really brought back some wonderful memories. They are murky and muddy and grainy just like you'd expect from pictures taken inside big, dark churches. There's something about them that I kinda love, despite being underexposed.

But HOLY COW GUYS...this roll was sitting around for a DECADE. Between heat, cold, dust, age, etc. I could have easily lost these images. Luckily, The FIND Lab was able to bring them to life!